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Keith Mautner,

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FAILSAFE CPA provides a wide range of forensic accounting services, as consultant or as testifying expert.  We are experienced, shrewd and a cost-effective alternative to larger firms.  We advise counsel on briefing and discovery of accounting issues in complex litigation, and perform sufficiency of production reviews to identify and resolve critical gaps in evidenceWe analyze, summarize and explain accounting reports, financial statements, auditor workpapers, Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) Rules & Regulations, authoritative accounting literature and all related testimony, communications and other evidence.  Separately, we offer turnkey accountant deposition support and provide other independent services including fraud investigation, valuation, audit support and Alternative Dispute ResolutionIn all of our engagements, FAILSAFE CPA is objective, professional and reliable. 


Keith Mautner, CPA/CFF, CFE, CMA (FAILSAFE CPA Principal) is a testifying accounting expert.  He began his career as auditor for Big Four accounting firm Deloitte & Touche.  Later, he worked at private companies as controller and chief financial officer, and a public company in SEC reporting. From 1997-2008, Mr. Mautner was a forensic accountant at law firms Milberg Weiss, Lerach Coughlin and Coughlin Stoia, working as in-house accounting expert, and supporting testifying experts.

Mr. Mautner
has extensive experience with well-publicized alleged accounting frauds by public companies, including Enron, UnitedHealth, Dynegy, Dollar General, Honeywell, Oracle, Qwest and Gemstar-TV Guide. He also has led forensic investigations into numerous "audit failures."  Mr. Mautner has helped counsel recover and return to shareholders $2.4 billion in losses from alleged securities fraud, an average recovery of ~$55 million per case (with settlement contributions from at least 62 parties in 44 unique cases).  He has a lengthy history of finding missed, or misunderstood, accounting evidence and developing allegations sufficient to sustain previously dismissed, and previously unpled, accounting and auditor claims.

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FAILSAFE is an acronym for Forensic Accounting, Investigation, Litigation Support and Fraud Examination.

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